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Notes from the artist

All my cachets have various naval postal markings on the envelopes whose

dates reflect an event in the life of a particular ship. The majority of my

patrons are ex-sailors, submariners, and naval cachet collectors. They

collect my envelopes primarily for the postal markings, and the mermaids ( or

other naval themes). Some collect only submarines, carriers, or other naval

vessels, and still others collect only dates in the life of a particular

ship commissioning, anniversaries, or holidays). My most avid patrons only

collect them for the mermaids, irrespective of the ship featured in the

postal cancellation.


I am about the only true naval cachet artist still doing this kind of art

work. There are others, but they don't do mermaids. This art form was quite

prevalent and very popular in the 1930-40s, but disappeared for the most

part in the 1950s. I helped revive this art form (hand colored cachets) in

the late 1980s under the tutelage of two of the last great naval cachets

artists, Robert Quintero and Gary Rogak. Bob and Gary used water colors,

where as I use colored pencil. They have both retired from this field.

Today, most cachet artists in the naval field only do single color, printed,

or computer generated images.

I only photo-print 25-50 of any given cachet from the original 10x14 pen &

ink line drawing, which is reduced and photo-transferred onto a standard

mailing envelope. After the envelopes are postal serviced aboard the ship,

they are then hand colored.

No two mermaids are colored the same for any particular cachet, thus

rendering each an original hair color, eye color, water color, body color

etc. are different). Each cachet is numbered on the back of the envelope

showing how many were done for that particular ship and date.

My cachets have won a few awards and have been featured in articles of

philatelic magazines. Collectors have shown my cachets in philatelic and

naval cover exhibitions, and their inclusion has yielded them medallions and


Some of my cachets are on permanent display aboard the U.S. Navy Museum


USS Missouri, USS Wisconsin, USS Lexington, and aboard the U.S. Frigate,

Constitution, as well as the active ships USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS

Georgia, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the USS Winston Churchill.


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