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Romance Novels


The Mermaid -Betain 

If Celeste Ashton hadn't needed money to save her grandmother's seaside estate, she would never have published her observations on ocean life and the dolphins she has befriended. So when her book bursts upon the London scene, making her an instant celebrity, she is unprepared for the attention...especially when it comes from handsome scientist Titus Thorne. While Titus suspects there is something fishy about her theories, Celeste is determined to be taken seriously. Soon their fiery clashes create sparks neither expects, not least when Celeste dares Titus to let her give him a personal tour of the world she knows so well. But when a shady entrepreneur takes too close an interest in Celeste's work--and Celeste--Titus must decide if he will risk his credibility, his career--and his heart--to side with the Lady Mermaid


Lisa Catch 

Konstanze Bugg's elderly husband is malodorous, vile, and a sadistic pervert, so she flees in secrecy in the summer of 1804 to the Cornish cottage her great-uncle left her. She can't resist the secluded cove and strips down for a swim, then, while sitting on a rock and singing with the remarkable voice she inherited from her opera singer mother, she's mistaken for a mermaid by Foweather, the king's excise man. She hides in a cave, where she discovers smuggled contraband and Tom Trewella. Tom convinces her that smuggling is essential to the community's survival, and hires her to impersonate a mermaid to distract Foweather. Meanwhile, her odious stepson, Bugg II, becomes a threat once he learns that Konstanze stands to inherit his father's fortune, and things turn passionate between Tom and the mermaid. Cach's beautifully crafted, erotically charged scenes and light humorous touch will please fans of Teresa Medeiros, and the conniving townspeople will remind others of the movie Waking Ned Devine

THE MERMAID WIFE Harlequin Romance #3312 Rebecca Winters 

What he saw defied all logic . . . Andrew stared and wondered if he was hallucinating. He'd he been underwater too long? Was he about to lose consciousness? Because what he saw before him was a mermaid . . . A mermaid with an enchanting oval face and long, floating golden hair. Through its shimmering, undulating strands he caught tantalizing glimpses of her voluptuous body, and his heart slammed against his ribs in disbelief. She was only there for a few seconds. Then his light seemed to scare her off and she darted away form him. Compelled by a urge beyond his control, he turned off his light and raced after the mermaid, he had to catch up with her. Frantic to touch her, to find out if she could possibly be real. He had to see her again


Catching Daddy 

Aria is a mermaid who was banned from her mercommunity by her stepmother Oceania. Oceania is a mean mermaid who likes to lure sailors to their deaths - she also manipulated Aria's father into marrying her. Aria's father died in a fishing net when she was young. After Aria is banned, she is very lonely - she talks to some seals who told her their were more merfolk - she swims looking for them only to find out >they are all statues and not real. She meets Drake's son Matt while a mermaid - Matt has a slight stutter around his dad. His dad Drake met Matt's mom - let lust take over and got her pregnant - they married and she left him within 7 months for another guy (she was very unfaithful). Drake was burned by the marriage and swore off women. He obtained custody of Matt. Matt almost drowns while talking to Aria - but Aria saves him. She disappears when Drake comes to find Matt because she knows human men do not like mermaids. Apparently - when it is a full moon - the mermaids become human if they leave the ocean water. Aria mistakenly left the water and >became human. Obviously unsteady on legs - she falls and injuries her head on the rocks - Drake thankfully witnesses her fall and rescues her. When Aria awakes she >realizes she has legs. Drake is very attracted to her - but tries to fight his feelings. Aria realizes she has two choices - one to find the other merfolk the seals told her about - or two to share the milt of a human and become pregnant and that will make her human for good.

Basically it was about Jillian - she was widowed 7 years ago before her daughter was born. She used to be a teacher / guidance counselor - but left the profession after she got shot in the leg saving one of her students - she ended up losing part of her leg. Then because she used to do synchronized swimming she got a job at a bar playing a mermaid in a tank. She did this late at night and was awed by many of the bar's customers - it was called the Pearl diver's Club. She often got many propositions from her audience - but never acted on them.

Her boss asked her to help in a publicity stunt for a congressional candidate. Jillian was a strong believer in protecting the ocean - which was what the congressional man agreed with and wanted to enforce upon his term in office. All she had to do was get caught on the congressman's fishing line while it was being filmed. Her boss was willing to pay her a lot of $ to do it - so she did. Unfortunately - she got caught on the wrong fishing line and ended up being caught by Mark - a wealthy toy maker heir from a wealthy family. He believed she was a mermaid at first when he caught her. While reeling her in - she hit her head on some rocks and became unconscious - he fished her out of the water and took her back to her house. He believed he had caught a real mermaid. Once he got her to his house - he cleaned her head and she came to and found out she only played a mermaid. Since Mark was rich - he rang for his servant who brought them some tea. His servant although shocked to see his boss with a mermaid - acting accordingly and informed Mark's 6 yr. old son about the surprise his dad had.


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