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Romance Novels 2

Book 1

Dr. Phoebe Jones is a brilliant surgeon in Kansas City, well liked by her fellow hospital workers, though somewhat reserved. She is happy that way, used to her privacy and predictable life. She was an orphan, with no memory of her family, having spent her entire childhood moving from one foster family to another. She learned to depend solely on herself, but a part of her has always longed for the unconditional love of a true family.

Kevin Cartwright is a police officer turned private eye after nearly being murdered on the force. He has spent the last few years of his life focusing on a job given to him by a mysterious stranger known only as Loucan. Kevin was hired to find four siblings separated over 20 years ago, and return them to California. All he knows about them is their given names and that each one has a unique charm that is their only link to their family. Kevin has been having no luck finding them, until he saw Phoebe on television and recognized her necklace.

Now Kevin is off to Kansas City, hoping to bring Phoebe to Loucan and getting at least one quarter of his mission accomplished. She isn't overly cooperative at first, not sure she can trust him, and hesitant to interrupt her practical routine. The possibility that she may have family brings back longings she thought were safely tucked away, and she can't resist that possibility.

Just as Phoebe decides to go, their plans are shaken up when someone else comes after Phoebe, desiring her necklace and the legacy it protects... the legacy of a land found far beneath the waters of the ocean, and a people who can live in water and on land, the merfolk. Now Kevin and Phoebe are on the run, racing time to get her to Loucan and the secrets only he can answer about her family. All the while they find themselves growing closer to each other with every passing mile.

Book 2

Kayla Waterton has always loved the sea at the same time she was terrified of the secrets it held. She indulged her love for it by becoming a maritime historian, the best in the field. Her greatest desire was to complete her father's life-long dream of finding the sunken ship, Isabella, a three-century old pirate ship, believed to hold the greatest treasure of its time. She finally gets her chance to go on a search expedition for the ship when the salvage operation her museum hired to find the ship goes off on its search in the wrong area. Kayla decides to join the expedition in hopes of leading them correctly to finding the lost ship.

Captain Ben Mendoza is the owner of Xmarks Explorer, the operation hired by Kayla to find the Isabella. He is one of the best in his field, so is none too pleased when required to take Kayla along on his hunt. He is convinced his research is correct and the ship is right where he thinks and refuses to listen to Kayla when she tells him otherwise. He makes it his personal mission to prove Kayla can't handle the job and to make her want to leave. When his entire crew becomes smitten with her, including his three year old daughter Madison, he is all the more determined to get her to leave.

Kayla and Ben are at odds from the moment they meet, the only thing they have in common being their mutual desire to find the Isabella. She is a dreamer and he is a realist, convinced it was his ex-wife's following her dreams that led to the dissolution of their marriage. All he cares about now, besides his career, is his daughter, and making her as happy as can be. His is furious with Kayla for filling Madison's head with nonsense, believing it will only hurt her in the long run. And when Madison starts talking about the merman she saw in the sea, Ben is all the more convinced Kayla will do nothing but wreak havoc on his ship.

But Kayla also has a hidden agenda in her desire to find the lost ship. She believes it holds the secrets to her heritage, which her father never got a chance to tell her about before he died. For her only link to her past is a necklace she wears, with unusual markings on it, some of which were found in documents her father had tracked down before his death, pertaining to the Isabella. So imagine Kayla's surprise when, while playing with Madison in her wading pool, she sprouts a tail! It is the likes of which she only fantasized about as a child, when dreaming of mermaids and Atlantis. She has to keep this secret from Ben, as he would only scoff at her and turn away, just as they are beginning to draw closer to their ship...and each other. Madison is fascinated as well, convinced she wants a tail of her own, which leads to an accident. Will Kayla be able to reveal her secret to Ben? And will he be able to lover her in spite of it? Will they find the Isabella and the key to Kayla's heritage?

Book 3

Saegar, son of the former King (Okeana) of Pacifica, is one of the cursed of his people; he is meremer. Every once in a great while, one of the merfolk is born unable to change. Tail or legs... they can only have one and cannot change back and forth between land and sea abilities. Twenty-five years ago, he and his sisters were sent away from home for their protection, when war ravaged the island.

Beth Livingston hates the sea, getting dreadfully seasick every time she sets foot on a boat. Her father, Carl, loved the ocean and was always happiest when sailing its broad expanse for one of his adventures. Lately, his health had been failing and Beth would do anything to make him happy, even if she was less than thrilled with the idea.

Saegar was finally returning home after his long exile in the seas. He couldn't leave the water, so he had spent many lonely years swimming the ocean. One day, he sees Beth on her father's boat, and mistakes her being ill for a plea for help in the old ways of his people. He comes to aid her... and gets captured for his trouble. Carl's crew, headed by the smarmy and sometimes cruel Ralph, captures Saegar and locks him in a tank in the hold. They plan to showcase him as the exotic being he is, and make lots of money in the process.

When Beth first sees Saegar in his tank, she is stunned. Unbelievable! Here in the flesh (or should she say scales?) is her father's dream come to life. He always believed there were merfolk out there somewhere, but was made a mockery of for his beliefs. She is excited for her father but at the same time she feels sympathy for - and overwhelming attraction to - the creature. When she discovers he has very human characteristics, along with his tail, as well as feelings and a family, she feels terrible he is a virtual prisoner.

Saegar asks her help in regaining his freedom but Beth is torn. Does she keep him there, as proof of her father's dream? Or does she help this being whom she is drawn more and more too, and her to her, as they have gotten to know each other?

Book 4

Three of the four lost royal siblings of Pacifica have been found. The only one missing was the eldest, Princess Thalassa. All were set away from their home 25 years ago, to protect them from the danger found in the wars occurring there. Thalassa has bitter memories of her home, of having seen her mother brutally murdered. She has sworn to never return until the day her father came to tell her it was safe.

Loucan is the new king of Pacifica, whose only desire is to bring peace to the island after so many years of war. He has hopes of marrying one of the daughters of the late King Okeana, and the only one remaining is Thalassa. He has reached a dead end in his search until a few memories spark new ideas in him to find her. When he finds her...romping in the ocean with the dolphins, he knows she is what he needs to bring about peace to their homeland.

Now comes the hard part... how can he, the son of her father's enemy and rival, convince her to return with him, especially in light of the news he carries - her father is long dead and he is now King. Lass hates him for the roles played by his family in her exile from her beloved home and she refuses to return, especially upon news that the political unrest is not yet behind them. At the same time she fears him and what he represents, she is inexplicably drawn to this man, even while not knowing if he can be trusted. Loucan desires a marriage of convenience, but upon getting to know Lass, he finds he desires her as well.

He needs her, and she needs him, but time is limited. There is still a faction who is out to rule Pacifica, and destroy the peace Loucan is fighting for. They are after the key, part of which Lass carries, which will unlock all of Okeana's secrets to make their underwater world survive. Will Loucan win her over in time to protect her and their home? Only time will tell, and that can be found within this book.

He lived in a legendary place, in the dangerously mysterious Bermuda Triangle, where Geneva Kelsey's long-lost family had last been seen. Though he seemed to have no past, he answered to many names -- among them, Jason Merrick. But Geneva began to wonder if he wasn't Neptune himself.

He possessed incredible powers, mesmerizing the very creatures of the sea at will . . . But he knew that Geneva, too, would heed his call. For he needed a woman, and he would use his every power -- his voice, his gaze and his command of the sea -- to take Geneva to another world . . . and claim her as his bride.


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