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Heidi E. Harris
Some story behind this:

The gods became angry with the Atlantean people, perhaps they were jealous or perhaps the people had stopped living according to their rules. Whatever the reason they decided to destroy Atlantis and send it to the depths of the seas, destroying all of its inhabitants with it. They commanded that their priests and priestesses do nothing to help the people, and to follow the gods will and they would spare their lives and bring them up to live with them as direct servants. But there was one high priestess who couldn't bare to see the people she had sworn to protect all die while she stood back and did nothing. Perhaps she knew the real reason behind what the gods were doing and knew they weren't all they made themselves to be. So at the cost of her own life she decided to help the people. She had very little time to think as she stood in the hall with the other priestesses and the princess who they had been charged to protect. She knew there was no way to escape the water so she decided to make it so they could thrive in it instead and she successfully transformed all the women in the hall into creatures of the sea. Afterwards she was trapped and the gods would not help her so she drowned, the people she saved swam around her unable to return the favor. It was the end of an empire and the start of a new race.

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Greg Andrews

Also does a lot of cool pinup girls, and has a cool site, just click on his name.









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