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Mermaid Commission 3

I had this commission posted a while back, then removed it for fear that the person who it is of might see it. I no longer hear from that person. It was some one that I felt was trapped like a mermaid in her own goldfish bowl and when I told Brandy what I wanted she came up with this. I still loved it and kept it, yet it is of such great work I wanted to share with those who love mermaids.

Artist Brandy Woods


I have used Brandy for doing so many commissions that I decided to try a new artist. I found a artist on Devain Art and decided to give this one a try.  I thought it was OK, my friend who it is based on found flaws in it. I still thought it was a wonderful piece. She does other mythical themes and some of her works are topless.

Artist Eos Sparks


I won a bid on e-bay from this artist on e-bay to do a commission for a friend of mine. I thought it turned out well. The guy does only pinup girls, but the prices are not bad. Click on his name to go to his site. This commission is under the uncovered gallery, because the artist does have some topless artwork



I once again asked this person I knew if I could have a commission of her done. She had given permission before, and had kept her updated on facebook. Sadly is one of those friends that has much going on and don't hear from any more, but she did cheer me up when I was feeling down on my birthday a few years ago. 



Is doing commissions for $20. I had this one made up of some one I know how she wish to look like as a real mermaid.


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