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Yad-Ming Mui 

Was kind enough to grant me permission to show this piece, but only under these conditions. I still like the guy and don't blame him. 

You have permission to use the image titled Mermaid. That image and no other. You may use it on your site for display purposes only, no reproductions maybe made and if anyone else would like to use the image they must ask me to use it, not you and not you asking me to for someone else. That is all Thank you.

The Chinese text roughly says:

 Though our paths crossed briefly, the vision of you will last forever...

Tara Ball

Drew this mermaid, and gave it to me for my birthday :-) Thank you Tara.


Chris Sander

A friend of my, Leelan found that Chris Sander, a artist who had worked on Disney's "Lilo and Stitch" has also drawn a few mermaids. To see his site and more of his works just click on the name above.


Saddy from France found my site, and liked it. Was working on a mermaid, and thought that I might like to add it to my site. I thought that it was a very good job and added it. Thanks Saddy. 


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